You know that genius, Melissa Ford, over at Stirrup Queens?  Well this girl is a fucking genius.  I practically have to draw blood from my veins to come up with a blog post, and Melissa has, well, actually I don’t even know how many blogs she has.  And she actually writes on them, like every […]

Well Hello There

Hi, remember me?  I’m BU and I’m the, *ahem*, author of this blog.  I use the term “author” loosely since I can’t seem to find anything to write about.  Don’t get me wrong, there’s plenty going on in my days (and nights) but just nothing of note and when I sit down to write a […]

Twisted Sister

As if you don’t hear enough about my bowels and or poop, here is an entire post about just that. You’re welcome. You see, the last week or so before Tiny Dancer arrived, my schedule was, well, off. I felt as though my intestines were blocked. I believe I referred to them as squished up […]