Some Days

Some days I’m busy and happy and impatient and exhausted and have 87 things to do.  Some days I pull it off and get in my bed and go right to sleep and wake up and do it again.  Some days I cry and yell and get frustrated and fight with my husband and call […]


Recently a question was asked: What do you like about being a mom? I’ve really given it a lot of thought.  I’ve decided that there are a few blanket things I enjoy about being a mom, but most of them have to do with the individual involved.  Like there are so many things I love about being […]


I got a call from my sister today asking for advice about her daughter and daycare. A family member has offered to watch her baby for her but my sister is hesitant because she was thinking of putting her in a daycare that has a preschool curriculum and is afraid that the family member might […]

Thanks Captain Obvious

Being a parent is hard dudes.  For my first example of “obvious statements of the world” I give you my beautiful daughter.  I mean guys, she is a beauty.  Like really really really cute and funny and super duper sweet.  So now comes the part about where I tell her how beautiful she is.  It […]

Happy New Year!

Hey dudes! It’s me! I exist! Things around here are the same as usual, someone is pooping or puking or sneezing up stuff. I’m outnumbered by my children and chores everyday, but we are happy and mostly healthy. It’s pretty good. Now on to my experiment. I’ve decided to Benjamin Button myself. I refuse to […]

Na Na Na Boo Boo, I’m Better Than You

I’m not sure how the FB got started on the mom posts about how “everything you are doing sucks and here’s a post liked by a gazillion people that will prove to you that you should follow my advice.”  But I’ll tell you what, every time I see one of those mother fuckers, I roll […]


What I find the most fascinating about having girl friends, like really real live girl friends, not the fake kind who only say nice things, is that your really real life awesome amazing girlfriend can give you some advice that could possibly have the ability to offend you (or inspire you to stab a bitch,) […]

How Not to Hire a Nanny

Remember the days when I was a stay at home mom and I was bored to tears and calling my husband every five seconds to complain?  Ahh those were the good days with the green, green grass.  Well, awhile back I started my own bookkeeping company and had just a few clients and it was […]

I Can’t Believe Oprah Hasn’t Called Me

A few months ago, I was talking to my husband about church.  You see, I like the idea of getting together with like minded people (or even not like minded I guess) once a week and discussing ways we can be better people.  You see, despite my sarcasm and constant swearing like a trucker, I […]