You know that genius, Melissa Ford, over at Stirrup Queens?  Well this girl is a fucking genius.  I practically have to draw blood from my veins to come up with a blog post, and Melissa has, well, actually I don’t even know how many blogs she has.  And she actually writes on them, like every day.  The latest idea of hers that I have stumbled across is NaBloPoMo.  I have no idea what this stands for because when I was researching it, my baby started crying.  It is impossible to do anything on the computey-ma-jig when trying to breastfeed an infant.  And I’m too old to find it on my phone (can’t see anything.)  Not to mention the iphone arm.

Anyway, the idea of NaBloPoMo is that you write a post every day in November.  I mean, like every day.  AND AND AND that genius Melissa actually gives you post topics for about 20 days of writing.  So that, my friends, equals no writers block (for approximately 20 days of the month.)

So, I’m giving it a try.  I can’t promise I’ll be successful. Or funny.  Or coherent. But I miss writing.  And I miss you dudes.  And sleep.  And sex.


3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo

  1. I have been *secretly* reading your blog (and even went back and read BU entries) and am also dazzled by the Stirrup Queen’s endless energy, time and creativity on what she posts. And this here entry just inspired me to finally start a blog! Hopefully I’ll get it up and running before midnight and I will start with the NaBloPoMo..which makes me think of salted blowpops from Montana…..keep writing, I read you!

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