Recently a question was asked: What do you like about being a mom? I’ve really given it a lot of thought.  I’ve decided that there are a few blanket things I enjoy about being a mom, but most of them have to do with the individual involved.  Like there are so many things I love about being […]


I got a call from my sister today asking for advice about her daughter and daycare. A family member has offered to watch her baby for her but my sister is hesitant because she was thinking of putting her in a daycare that has a preschool curriculum and is afraid that the family member might […]

Thanks Captain Obvious

Being a parent is hard dudes.  For my first example of “obvious statements of the world” I give you my beautiful daughter.  I mean guys, she is a beauty.  Like really really really cute and funny and super duper sweet.  So now comes the part about where I tell her how beautiful she is.  It […]