If It’s Not One Thing…

Right?  It’s another. Sometimes I wonder why people read my blog.  I basically get on here and vomit all the shitty things that are happening in my life and it seems like it would be quite depressing to read.  Do you guys skim the post to see if I’m going to talk about pooping my […]

I Have a Secret

I was chatting online with another bloggy friend who is also a recent job quitter/stay-at-home-mom.  She’s having somewhat of a difficult time with it and asked why nobody tells you that staying home is so hard.  “It’s like it’s a secret,” she said.  And that really bothered me. As you know, I’m not so great […]

Girlie as Shit

Remember how I said blog ladies changed my life?  Well I wasn’t lying.  Leave it to me to shut my old blog down the day before they were planning a blog shower with the theme “Girlie as Shit.”  Um, could they have nailed it any more on the head than that?  I have lots of […]

Total, Not Lacking

Complete: total, not lacking. This is me.  I have fulfilled my dream of a house and heart full of children.  My family is complete.  My Tiny Dancer will be in my arms in a matter of weeks and after that, it’s time to figure out how to be a mom to 3, 2 of which […]