Birth Day

The night before the induction was, of course, spent fretting over which outfits Tiny Dancer would wear after her birth.  Oh and also mentally torturing myself about the decision I had made and whether or not I could go through with it.  By the time I went to bed it was 12:30 and I had […]

Tiny Dancer

Well, the good news is she made it and even though I was induced, I didn’t have to have a c-section (gasp!)  But seriously, I’ve watched so many baby birthing videos about how induction inevitably leads to a section that I was certain I was going to put a scalpel in my gut.  But that […]

These Words

I never thought I’d say this, but… I’m getting induced tomorrow. Here are the reasons I never thought I’d utter this phrase 1 – I used to not believe in induction unless it was medically necessary. 2 – My other babies were 13 and 22 days EARLY naturally. Ok, so the list of reasons is […]

Bat Shit

I know you’ve been checking back every hour to see if I have news to report.   I don’t.  (Also I know you haven’t really been checking back every hour.) Baby is still hanging in there.  Today is 38 weeks, 1 day (almost 2 because it is 9:21 PM right now.)  This is officially my […]

37 Weeks

I got the 37 week e-mail today.  You know the e-mails that one website sends each week?  It’s funny because when I was trying to get pregnant with L, I thought a lot about those e-mails.  Each time I found out I was pregnant, I would excitedly run to that site and sign up for […]