I think it’s a pretty bad sign when you go to blog and realize that you have forgotten your blogging password.  This just happened to me.  Don’t worry, I got it back.

Things in my world are BUSY.  Some days I think about how I should have never taken the job that I am currently doing, but then I remember how bat shit crazy I was going when I wasn’t working and realize that yes, it is a good thing.  I just might need some help soon.  I’ve gone through the whole rigmarole of hiring some friend here or there to help me, but we all know how that story ends.  What I need is an EMPLOYEE.  One I can boss around and make feel really guilty if they don’t show up one day.  That’s coming.  

Now, about my children.  Somehow Bugs has had the nerve to almost be done with third grade already.  That means, my lovelies, that he will be 10 at the end of this year.  That’s double digits dudes.  That’s a whole fucking decade of him being alive.  What. The.  Fuck.  L has also decided that he is going to turn 2 this month, which I mean, is pretty selfish if you think about it.  He was just a baby like yesterday.  Speaking of babies, Tiny Dancer is getting to be less of one too.  She is six months this week and she is trying her damndest to sit up on her own.  She also does a mean cobra pose on her belly which tells me it won’t be long until she’s up on her hands and knees trying to crawl.  My god is she cute.

As for me, I’ve been doing my best to get skinnier and you guys, it’s working.  I have lost a total of around 15 pounds since TD was born.  I mean, this includes all the weight I came home with from the hospital because you know I weighed myself when I got home.  I’m sadistic like that.  But it does allow me to tell myself I’ve lost 15 pounds.  I’m below my pre-preggo weight but still about 13 or 14 pounds away from bikini weight.  I’m doing this the old fashioned way by counting calories and working out.  Also, when I say “old fashioned” I mean I am tracking everything on apps on my iphone.  Currently I’m using a calorie tracker, a running map, and a couch to 5k program.  I’m also doing some Jillian Michaels workouts and am still trying to make it to pilates as much as possible.  It’s hard work, but the results are coming so it’s super motivating.  End goal is a size 8 with no muffin top and right now I am comfortable in size 10 jeans.  WOO!!!!


2 thoughts on “Update!

  1. Employees – good.
    Losing 15#? AMAZING. Being smaller than pre-preg weight? Stupendous. Already fitting comfortably into your size 10s? JEALOUS!
    I’ll email you today – we really do need to get that mud run set. I think it’d be a great idea!!

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