She Lives

Hey dudes, in case you were wondering if I was hit by a bus, I wasn’t.  Well not a literal one, but the month of no blog posts should tell you that figuratively, I was hit by a mother fucking BUS.  Oh you weren’t wondering.  Hmm weird.

Anyway, first the good news.  I have discovered that morning coffee time is the best part of the day.  It’s a struggle in everyone’s life to take time to live in the present.  I wish I could say that I am excellent at it, but I am a worrier so I am usually focused on something stupid I have done or some decision I have to make hoping it doesn’t turn into something stupid that I’ve done.  BUT, coffee time… well, coffee time rocks (are people still saying rocks?)  First of all, I have this latte maker that kicks a whole lot of ass (A-WHOLE) and I have perfected the ratio of milk to coffee to peppermint hot chocolate in order to make the world’s best peppermint mocha.  That’s right, I said it, WORLD’S BEST.  If you’re ever in my neck o’ the woods, I’ll make you one.  After this perfect cup of coffee is made, I sit on my couch and adore my children for about 15 minutes.  I just sit there.  And watch them.  And enjoy my morning.  It’s magic.

Now comes the tragic part of my story, the bus, if you will.  My family has had every sickness going around.  That’s right, we’ve had influenza (except me, I had the flu shot) where everyone was snotting, sneezing, and coughing all over each other and fevers all over the place.  We’ve had a stomach bug in which Bugs actually threw up in his classroom, and L had diarrhea for 2 weeks straight.  Hubs and I were both afflicted with this one at the same time and luckily my parents came to the rescue and took the kids off our hands for the weekend so we could barf and shit all over the place.  Unfortunately, both my parents ended up getting it too.  Nothing says thank you like contagious diarrhea.  And currently we all have some other type of cold/sinus infection that basically has us hurling insults at each other because god damn it he coughs so loud it wakes the baby every time.  

There was also going to be some info about 2 broken down cars and getting fired in this post, but I guess it will have to wait because a baby is crying somewhere.  I meant here.  My baby is crying.  


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