Yes I’m Also Still Fat

I used to be kinda cute. Maybe even a little hot. I’ve always had a little belly but it was sometimes small enough to hide it.
I mean, I realize I just had a baby 2 months ago. I get it. It might take awhile. I just don’t want it to. I’ve been counting calories and working out. I’ve even passed up dessert several times. I just think if you’re a chubster the universe should give you a break and let you lose 10 pounds instantly for motivation. And then the Wii fit will stop tormenting you and telling you you’re overweight and that you should use their fitness tips more often. Damn you mocking video games!
One thing I’ve learned is that you can’t get skinny if you like booze. Or cookies. The cookies haven’t been too hard to give up but BU likes her some vodka. So the pursuit of the perfect lo-cal drink began. And ended. = vodka, soda, mio. = divine. = drunk.
I have lost a couple pounds. I’m going to keep going.


3 thoughts on “Yes I’m Also Still Fat

  1. Mio? What is this mio of which you speak? I am back on the calorie counting bandwagon as we speak, and since I love booze…eek!

    Good for you for losing a couple pounds. Stick with it and our skinny asses will be running a 5k together this spring. WE’RE DOING IT!

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