Hi friends.  Well, true to BU fashion this month, I am still crazy busy.  I am beginning to think that taking on these new clients is not going to work out.  I’ve been trying to decide if my feelings of overwhelming-ness are just because it’s all new and I’m working out a system or if it just actually is too much work for the part-time job I’m trying to make it.

My priority is my kids.  I want to be a work at home mom, but I also want it to be a very minor part of my life.  Right now, it is all consuming.  I’m giving it a couple more weeks to see if I can settle into a routine, but if that doesn’t happen, I have a backup plan that will free up more time.  So that’s my goal for the next few weeks: get into a routine, reevaluate and make a decision.

And last but not least, today is my 34th birthday.  Holy fucking shit.  Remember when 34 seemed so old?  I thought the 30 somethings were super mature and grown up.  And then today, in the car, Hubs and I were making up songs to see how many dirty words we could string together.  It went a little something like “dick suck, titty fuck, mother fucking 2 balled bitches.”  Super mature and grown up.  Except for now on my birthday I am blogging, ordering pizza, working, making macaroni and cheese.  Back when I was immature, I was getting drunk and making poor choices.  Ok, to be honest, I am drinking vodka (again.)


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