I’m going back to basics because I am so not cohesive enough to put together a real post.  So Thought Vomit Thursday is making it’s comeback.

1 – I am busy.  So so busy.  Like my phone is ringing off the hook all day.  If it’s not phone calls, it’s text messages, and somewhere in and around all the work I am actually doing, I have to respond to these calls or texts.  I kindof understood my husband’s reasoning for working all the time before, but now I really get it.  Some shit you just can’t let slide or lots and lots of people will be let down.  It’s exhausting.  I feel so lucky that I get to work from home.  It’s a nice break when I need it, but any time I want to I can come out of my office and squeeze my babies.  Or make a pot roast.

2 – Tiny Dancer and I are going to battle over sleep.  I started the sleep training a week or so ago and it’s going really great actually.  Until about 4:30 am.  I put her to bed somewhere between 9:30 and 10:30.  Sometimes she will go right down at 9:30 and other times, it takes a little more work.  She is pretty consistently sleeping until 4:30 am (SCORE!)  Sometimes she wakes up earlier, but I can pretty much coax her back to sleep with a pacifier until 4:30.  Which is basically against all sleep training rules, but at 2 am, I don’t give a fuck.  At 4:30 she is fucking over it and she yells out to FEED. ME. NOW.  I am still breastfeeding, so I get up and rock her and feed her.  She falls back to sleep and I lie her back down just in time for her to start barfing and farting all over.  She’s got some serious middle of the night tummy issues and it makes 4:30-7:30 not very pleasant.  Fortunately I’ve been drinking coffee every day (and vodka every night) so I don’t mind so much.  A couple of weeks from now you might see me on the news though.

3 – I am the worst blog friend ever.  I haven’t made it to very many of your blogs to comment, encourage or support.  Please know I check blogs every day, but am in just such a whirlwind of shit that I just haven’t commented.  I do read though and will be back someday to make you feel my love.  Usually when I read blogs it is when I’m nursing or driving (just kidding) and typing a comment on my phone with one finger is bull shit.

4 – I got shiny new birth control.  More on that tomorrow.  I hope.


2 thoughts on “TVT

  1. Whirlwind no kidding!!! I’ve hit a new level of sleep battles with Elena so I here you on the coffee & vodka…tho for me, I don’t like coffee so it’s coke (cola not powder) & vodka & they go so well together! Hang in there!

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