Today’s Question

Where is your favourite place to blog?

(Although to be honest, I live in the US, so it should be my favorite place, not favourite.  Looks like Mel is trying to church it up a little.  Nice work Mel.  I’m just not that classy.)

So my answer is, anywhere I fucking can.  Because I’ll tell you what, with 3 little dudes running around (ok, TD doesn’t run yet, but she cries.  Oh yes, she cries.) blogging is not easy.  (I’m usually a grammar and punctuation stickler, but I really don’t know how to correctly punctuate that last sentence.  Sorry Mrs. Fraser (9th grade English teacher.))  There are times when I am using my phone to get out a post quickly.  Case in point: the last really short post about how sick I am.  I busted that bad boy out on my phone in my rocking chair while feeding Tiny.  It wasn’t good, and probably wasn’t even coherent, but I’m trying to blog every day (fail) so that’s what had to happen.

Today I am a lucky mama because Bugs is at school and L and TD are BOTH ASLEEP at the SAME TIME.  How in the world did that happen?  So I am in my office, which probably is my favorite place to blog because it’s the most comfortable and my thumbs don’t have to get cramps from typing on my phone.  I can actually use a real live keyboard in here so just my wrists are in danger.

I wish I could say that my favorite place to blog was the beach or from my condo in Hawaii, but neither of those is true.  Because I don’t have a beach or a condo in Hawaii.  


One thought on “Today’s Question

  1. I do lover how Melissa throws the “english u” in there. I noticed that too and instantly think she’s smarter than me. Blogging while feeding is a great skill. You do it well!

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