Sniffling and Sneezing

I’m really bad at being sick. I whine and make people wait on me. The problem is, my whole family is sick. For like the 4th time in a row. Luckily this is the first round that has affected me, but my little ones have not been so lucky. People are going to start thinking I never bathe L and/or wipe his nose. But I do. He has been sick so much and it’s the saddest thing ever. He wants to be held and he whines and cries. (Hmm sounds a little like me.) Only when his ibuprofen kicks in he’s a new man. Running around and playing until his cough starts kicking his ass again. Tiny Dancer has also been a trooper. I’ve basically had the bulb syringe hanging from her nose every day because she constantly sounds in need of air. Also sad.
Luckily the Hubs has had a super lax schedule the last few days and has been here helping out a ton. My house is a wreck, my work is unfinished and all I want to do is drink hot coffee and lie down. There’s about 6 inches of fresh snow outside so it sounds about right.


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