What’s Going On

So remember how I had a part time awesome work at home gig that allowed me to hire a part time nanny and be utterly content and blissful?  Well some shit hit the fan this week and I ended up picking up 3 more clients because the guy who was doing those left the parent company.  Long story.  

But first, the nanny.  Oh my god, she keeps coming in to my office and saying stuff like, “Hey is it ok if I go in your room and make your bed?” and “Do you mind if I organize your closet for you?”  To which I reply things like, “Only if you want a raise.” or “If you don’t mind me kissing your feet after.”  You see, I don’t get so much help in the house cleaning department.  My husband likes to think he contributes because he puts his underwear in the hamper, and his dishes in the dishwasher occasionally.  But every other fucking thing is mine to conquer.  I don’t think he vaguely understands how and where salt and vinegar chips can end up when in the hands of 8 and 1 year olds.  So when another human being actually just starts cleaning my house and then offers to do EXTRA stuff, I pretty much cream my jeans.

But now, the job has turned into crazy nonsense hours and work.  It won’t be like this forever but for a few weeks it is going to be nightmarish.  The good news is I will be making quite a lot of extra dough this month so Christmas won’t be stressful.  The bad news is I committed to posting a blog entry every day this month.  I’m still attempting it, but my success rate is already starting to slip.  I also need a massage and a drink.  


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