Bat Shit

I know you’ve been checking back every hour to see if I have news to report.  

I don’t.  (Also I know you haven’t really been checking back every hour.)

Baby is still hanging in there.  Today is 38 weeks, 1 day (almost 2 because it is 9:21 PM right now.)  This is officially my longest pregnancy ever.  Fer realz.  I don’t know how people make it to 40, 41, 42 weeks.  I am bat shit crazy!  I am seriously all over the place like a meth head on, um, well, meth, obviously.  I actually jumped on the trampoline today.  In broad daylight.  If you were driving down my street, you would have seen a 5’10, 200 pound, 38w1d pregnant woman jumping on the trampoline like an 8 year old.  (Please don’t tell anyone I made it to the 200 pound mark… most I’ve ever weighed IN MY LIFE.)  I have also taken to jogging along the curb 3 times per day.  My husband is pumping me full of semen on command. I have eaten so much spicy food that I have near constant heartburn.  I went to acupuncture yesterday.  Doctor Awesome stripped membranes on Monday.  (3 cm, 75% effaced.)

And today, I’ve decided that OMG I apparently have no control over this situation at all.  So obviously I am still going to do everything I’ve been doing, but I am now resigning myself to the fact that Tiny (Stubborn) Dancer is not coming out until her due date.  Which in case you lost track, is September 25th.  I have never thought about being induced ever (mostly because I didn’t need to) but I am also already telling myself that the 25th is induction day if necessary. Hopefully it won’t come to that.  

So there it sits.  Crazy lady.  Fat as ever.  Eating hot wings.  Having lots o’ sex.



8 thoughts on “Bat Shit

    • Ditto!! LMAO. Hang in there BU! I swore up and down that I wouldn’t get induced and I’d wait until 42w if necessary…but I had Stella at 38w and was fucking miserable by then, so really, I have no idea what i’d do. 🙂 Hoping Diny Tancer gets those feet a tapping ASAP on her way out to meet us!!

  1. being induced really, truly, completely sucked, so I hope you don’t go that route (I waited until 41w3d… my midwife wouldn’t do it any sooner). 3 cm and 75% sounds promising! enjoy the sex!

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