37 Weeks

I got the 37 week e-mail today.  You know the e-mails that one website sends each week?  It’s funny because when I was trying to get pregnant with L, I thought a lot about those e-mails.  Each time I found out I was pregnant, I would excitedly run to that site and sign up for them, only to miscarry and then have to go take myself back off the list so that I wouldn’t get a weekly reminder of my failed pregnancy.  When I was pregnant with L, I went ahead and signed up again.  I remember posting this hoping that I’d make it to the week six email.

And now here I am, Week 37 with baby #3.  It’s incredible.  And scary.  And mind blowing.  And scary.

Last Friday I started having contractions every 5 minutes.  My brother in law got married on Saturday, so I was getting a little bit nervous that we were going to be a no show to the wedding.  But she held out all weekend and the only thing that interrupted the wedding was a 30 minute downpour.  On Sunday I told my body that it could go ahead and start labor at any time now.  I’m ready.  It didn’t listen.  Contractions have mostly stopped.  I am still getting them, just not on any sort of regular pattern.

In case you don’t recall (or care) I had Bugs at 38W1D, and L came at 36W6D, so it’s not crazy for me to plan on having this kid early.  However, apparently girls have a mind of their own and it appears that she is content for now.  So, I’m trying to wrap my head around the fact that I could be waddling around in pelvic discomfort for up to 3 more weeks.  And now I actually have to start focusing on my work again because it seems as though I can’t neglect it for that long.

So there’s the update.  37 Weeks.  No baby yet.  


3 thoughts on “37 Weeks

  1. This is like a math question post….find the average of the first two and BAM you’ve got your due date 😉

    Hoping you have a stress free and easy as pie delivery 🙂

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