If It’s Not One Thing…

Right?  It’s another.

Sometimes I wonder why people read my blog.  I basically get on here and vomit all the shitty things that are happening in my life and it seems like it would be quite depressing to read.  Do you guys skim the post to see if I’m going to talk about pooping my pants or stinky vaginas (sorry spell check, vaginae) and then ditch if I’m only bitching again?

Well ok first of all, my air conditioning at my house is broken.  AGAIN.  If you’re keeping track, that’s the 3rd time this summer.  I think I have figured out that the freon is leaking from the outside condenser unit.  Yeah, that’s how much I know about fucking air conditioning after a summer of being pregnant in 100 degree heat and a fucking broken air conditioner.  So now comes the task of getting some asshole here that’s going to charge me a gazillion dollars to fix it, but do I really have a choice?  No, I mother fucking do not.  Also, I have house guests this weekend.  So great.

Next up, my husband is driving me crazy.  I think it is like 80% I am fat, hot and super pregnant and 20% that he can just be inconsiderate a lot.  (Ok, maybe more like 70/30% although this feels generous as well.)  He’s one of those people that can just put shit that he needs to take care of out of his mind, but like, not in a good way.  He puts it out of his mind so much that he doesn’t take care of shit and it ends up costing me us more money than it normally should.  Three, yes three, of those incidents took a giant poo on me today and I am really annoyed by it.  Plus I’m really hot.

So there it is.  Another shitty day.

On the plus side, I watched L’s birth video last night and it sort of made me giddy for birthing day number 3.  It really is an amazing experience.  Now I just have to figure out how to download all my vids to something (I mean, do I use DVD’s or a hard drive or what??) so that I’ll have room on my camera to record this birth.  Otherwise I’m just going to have to buy a new camera.  It’s not that I’m not tech savvy, because I can be when I want to be, it’s just that I am mother fucking lazy.  At today’s appointment, I was 2 cm and 60% effaced though, so me thinks I better get on this camera shit sooner than later.


4 thoughts on “If It’s Not One Thing…

  1. Ugh, broken air conditioner + annoying husband = validly pissed off pregnant woman.

    I’d put the videos on a thumb drive if I was you. They are cheap, easily portable, and USB drives are going nowhere for awhile. DVD drives… half the laptops made don’t even have them anymore.

    Progress – whoop whoop!!

  2. I feel like you can just plug your camera into your computer and a folder will pop up. then click on the files and drag them off into a folder on your computer (back it up on a DVD and/or external hard drive). That should delete it off your camera though….I think….again I don’t know what kind of camera you have or what happens when you plug it into your computer, but it should be pretty easy to do…maybe….or again, ask you step son 😛

  3. As a new reader, I’m guessing people keep coming back because you are hilarious in your rants. You’re cracking me up. Sorry your pain is my amusement. 😉

  4. I’m with mandski…I keep coming back because no matter what’s going on you seem to keep a freakin’ wicked sense of humor. And sometimes, like this post, makes me glad I don’t have a hubs to piss me off 😉

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