Girlie as Shit

Remember how I said blog ladies changed my life?  Well I wasn’t lying.  Leave it to me to shut my old blog down the day before they were planning a blog shower with the theme “Girlie as Shit.”  Um, could they have nailed it any more on the head than that?  I have lots of girlie things about me, but I pretty much am always saying Fuck and Shit.  And ok whatever other swear word that falls out of my dirty mouth.

This morning I woke up at about 4:30 because well, I had to pee of course.  And my back hurt so much that I ended up wandering through my house leaning over on things trying to stretch it out.  When I finally went back to bed, I couldn’t sleep, so what else would I do but break out my mother fucking iphone and get online to read up on you dudes.  To my surprise and delight, many ladies had posted a wonderful (and probably only partly true) post about how awesome they think I am.  Or my hair.  Whatevs.

The bottom line is THANK YOU!  I just love you guys.  Here are the posts and in case you don’t follow any of these ladies: START!  I only associate with really fucking cool people.

E over at Many Many Moons

Josey at My Cheap Version of Therapy

Amanda at Our Fertility Journey

Meim at My Life in an Etch-a-Sketch

Shannon at Solo Pronto

Nat at Pajamas are Comfy

Oak at Acorn Chronicles

Tiara at Me Plus One

I swear I am going to read each one like 50 times because they are that nice.  I also had good intentions of saying something really nice back on this post, but L is in his bed yelling at me to come and get him from his nap.  So just know that I am so grateful and I think you all are amaze balls.


2 thoughts on “Girlie as Shit

  1. I’m so glad you were surprised by it all!! I was CURSING blogger this morning b/c my post was scheduled to go up with everyone else’s and it showed up in my reader 6 HOURS LATER. #*(@&!( I’ll be joining you in the wordpress club within the week. Again, LOVE the new blog, love the layout, love your hair, and love you. 🙂

  2. Oh my gosh, that’s amazing. Everyone needs an awesome support system, and clearly you have one. Every baby deserves to be celebrated, and they did exactly that for you. I’ll still stop by on good days! Hoping this sweet girl pops out soon and stops torturing your body.

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